If you are experiencing an EMERGENCY--an immediate threat of harm to yourself or someone else--call 911 NOW. If your situation is URGENT--needs immediate attention but is not an emergency (see above)--come to the Student Counseling Service preferably between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM during weekdays and ask to speak to the crisis counselor. The Student Counseling Service is open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. In addition, after 4 PM and on weekends the HelpLine is available to assist you at 845-2700.

If you register and cannot find an appointment at your preferred time, please call the SCS at 979-845-4427 or email

Login to SCS Online Student Services

All students must log in to verify enrollment before accessing online student services with the SCS.

NOTE: Enter numerical responses in both fields below (no dashes or slashes). Your PIN is the month, day, and year (last two digits only) of your birth (mmddyy). All single-digit numbers must be preceded by a zero. Example: If your birthdate is January 6, 1982, you will enter 010682.

Important: LIMITED CLIENT PARKING is available near the Student Services @ White Creek complex. Please see our parking page for details.

Eligibility for Services

To receive services at the SCS, students must be currently enrolled at Texas A&M University and have paid the University Advancement Fee.

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